14 September 2008

Are you a member of the Household of the Faithful..?

If you have to ask.  You're not.

That's it.


How Fortunate am I?

This blog is Masonic in nature and thus this post.  How fortunate am I?  In ten short years I have done many things in Masonry.  More perhaps than many have done in 40 years.  I've been Master 3 times and VM in AASR.  I have received honors for things I gladly did for the love of the Craft.  But how fortunate am I?  To attend the Joint Sessions of the AASR SJ and the NMJ AASR.  To be elected a GL officer and recently to be introduced in the Grand Temple of the UGLE and recognised by the Pro Grand Master.  How fortunate am I?  I ask you again, "How fortunate am I?"  Well we will all see.  We will see.  SAYWAY my Brethren I say unto thee SAYWAY.

That's All.