27 July 2009

Well thanks to Brother Hodapp I went to Old Navy and looky looky at what I got.

That's all.


19 July 2009

What Freemasonry is and What Freemasonry isn't...

As a Freemason we are often asked who we are and what we do. In the past I have used the same lame line, "Do you know the Shriners?". "Well all Shriners are Masons and the that's who we are."

I have often thought because we have no answer we use this definition probably because most of us are Shriners and the Shriners have done such a good job getting out to the public as to who they are. Or rather are we embarrassed? Do we ourselves not know how to define Freemasonry or do we just want the curious person to just go away?

The other day I had the opportunity as is often afforded to me as PR Chairman to talk to a religion and folklore class from Weber State University about Freemasonry. The opportunity was arranged by our Grand Historian and Master of Harmony Lodge George Winters PM.

In the course of the presentation and the question and answer session I was asked, "What are you guys, what do you do?" For the first time in my silly little Masonic Journey I had a moment of clarity and came up with my new response.

"Well quite simply this is what a Freemason is..."

Remember the kid in your neighborhood, the goody goody? The kid who shoveled snow off of an old lady's porch for free because it was the right thing to do. The kid who held doors open for people regardless of age. The kid who was the paper boy. The kid who sold the most raffle tickets for the Booster Club to re-sod the Baseball Diamond. Remember that kid? That's the kid who embodied the spirit of a Freemason and when he grew up he became a Freemason so he could be with guys who thought the same way as he had his whole life. Well that kid was me. That's who we are and that's what I do. Oh, and by the way we have secret hand shakes, code words and we are thought to be the secret force behind the scenes that really control the world. ;) LOL...

This was then followed by the obligatory history of Stone Masons, Medieval Europe and the Knights Templar.

However this Fraternity is so much more not understood to the profane.. So not able to be revealed, unveiled, or understood..

In the course of that thought here is what Freemasonry isn't and What Freemasonry is...

Freemasonry is a not a secret society. Freemasonry is a society with secrets. Freemasonry is not a charitable organization. Freemasonry is an organization with charities. More importantly Freemasonry is not and I repeat is not a Volunteer Organization. Freemasonry is an Fraternity that has Men who have voluntarily bound themselves together by a sacred tie stronger than a cord can bind.

That is what Freemasonry is.

Remember that...

That's all.



17 July 2009

Rocky Mountain Conference 2009

More of some of the same.

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08 July 2009

Been Busy

I have not posted in a while as the Grand Lodge schedule has been rather compressed this year into a five month period for our visitations. So we have visited all the Lodges from the north to the south and from east to west.

Many things have been going on this year exciting for the craft in Utah and I am glad to have been part of it.

We established in our Grand York Rite sessions the ability to start a Mark Masons Lodge independent of the local Royal Arch Chapter. This lodge that will be known as "Keystone Mark Masons Lodge" and will be sponsored by Utah Chapter No. 1 RAM, Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

The by-laws are in the mix and Companion Doug Backes and myself put forth the legislation which had no opposition. We are excited that the Grand Chapter in it's wisdom embraced this great opportunity for York Rite in Utah.

Squarework and Squarework only...

I was appointed to the Grand Chapter line and Grand Commandery line as Sentinel. I am most pleased.

For now.

That's all.