25 January 2010

Bigfoot hunting...

So we are narrowing down where we are going for our hike. There are just as many sightings in Utah as there are in the North West. Yesterday we went scouting at Coldwater Canyon. The snow is probably 15ft high so Spring will probably be the time.

That's all.


So Communication is this week...

Communication is the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of Utah. Some of it I must admit is full of tedium but I have to say I enjoy it. Communication is a time to renew friendships with those that you really only have the chance to talk to via Facebook or email during the year because of distance. The tedium is there because we have to be governed by some rules. We cannot all be "snow white" and expect men to get a long. Doesn't work and we all know it. The drawn out bits aren't really that long. I liken intros and such to welcoming someone to your home. If you like to play the host it's great. Wouldn't you offer someone a drink when they come by or have a meal or be really happy to see them? After all that's why you invited them over. That's what communication is to me. In this formal and informal setting I have the opportunity to see most of my Brethren that are other wise spread about the state and we all get to be together. That's fun for me. It's not about kissing butt it's about being nice and friendly to your guests. I reckon that's the social bit in me.

That's all.