23 January 2014

Who comes here?

I was initiated on this date approximately 16 years ago. Been a great ride so far. JL

Today is a good week.

Last week we instituted AMD in Utah. This week we had Keystone Mark Lodge and this weekend wraps up with the Red Cross of Constantine. These are three groups in Masonry that I really enjoy and love to study. The AMD works in conjunction with some aspects of the Mark. Additionally with RCC all these groups are predicated on membership in the Royal Arch. I love reading degrees and finding gems. It has nothing to do with another pin and especially with another title. It has everything to do with responsibility. the responsibility when called upon to serve and the responsibility and maturity within the Craft to appreciate things when not hurried when not sought and when your peers wish you to come join in the grand design. That's all. S&F, JL