06 May 2008

Photos From Shrine Ceremonial 3 May 2008

Who said Shrine isn't fun? Sorry about the dust balls and no they are not "Orbs"...

A Ceremonial can be fun without the silly stuff of the past. Some of the Ladies got up and danced.

Thanks to Midnight Mirage Dance Company.


Photo from St. Andrew's No. 34 Meeting Friday 2 May 2008

From Left to Right...

Bro. Pete Mackey
Bro. Andrew Stott
WBro. Jason Allred WM
RWBro. John Liley IPM
WBro. P. Martin Martineau
WBro. Scott Anderson PM

01 May 2008

Visit a Sick and Needy Brother Today...

Saturday I visited a Brother in an Assisted Living Facility. I went with Brother Cook and we visited briefly with Brother Blaine Simons PGM. He was GM when I was born in 1969 and he is 97 years old. He recently suffered a stroke. He was asleep when we got there and was in good spirits when he awoke but gosh, I just don't know. Memories flooded back. After visiting my Grand Mother about a year ago January she was just as smart and prophetic and sharp as she always was but she was sad a bit. She said inside her head she feels like a teenager but her body just won't do what it used to. When I looked around the house and saw the walker and the canes and the orthopedics for her shoes and the contraption over the toilet I felt sad. I remember Nana as the one who ran with us as kids and rode the roller coaster and swam in the ocean. Do we not visit a sick and lonely Brother cause we just don't? Are we afraid of what comes for us? It was nice to see Brother Blaine but the memories came back from my visit with Nana.

Guys no matter what we need to visit. I know I'm guilty of not following through with this.

Like Nana said, "Getting old ain't fun".

That's all.


Older Brothers are the Bridge...

Last year when I was Grand Orator I had the opportunity to travel throughout the state and meet many more Brethren than I knew and also continue friendships with those I already had relationships with.

A thread I wove through my speeches was this History we are losing in Utah. It's not specifically Masonic but the experience of those older than us.

Here's my story.

In June of last year I had a conversation with PGM Blaine Simons before his recent decline and we spoke about his old friend Sam H. Goodwin. For those not in the know PGM S. H. Goodwin was the firebrand that wrote Mormonism and Masonry and helped spread that book around the Masonic world. Love him or hate him S. H. Goodwin was part of Utah Masonic History and his book is still flying around the internet today. MWBro. Blaine knew him. He talked with him. He had meals with him probably had drinks and sat in lodge with him. Maybe not in that order. MWBro. Blaine chuckled as he spoke about his long dead friend and knew Sam had controversy about him. He knew him and now through stories I knew personal stuff about old Sam.

Yesterday we laid a new cornerstone for First United Methodist Church in Marriott-Slaterville up by Ogden. My first time with a speaking part as your RWJGW. It was fun. The original box from the original cornerstone from 1928 was on display. In the box was a copy of ole Sam's book Mormonism and Masonry. Well it and the other things from 1928 are going in the new box along with new stuff and a copy of the article about Utah's first out in the open Latter-day Saint Grand Master MWBro. Glen Cook. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/1,5143,695265549,00.html He noted the "Irony was not lost on him" about the new additional contents of the box. This was a really cool thing yesterday.

Things change and I think for the better and the connections to our past through older Brothers through these "Bridges Across Time" are truly a gem. It's nice when you can chat with them and not lose history that we otherwise would have to crack out of a nearly 100 year old cornerstone box.

So chat it up you'll never know when timelines will cross.

That's it.


Why you should buy a black suit...

When a young man joins the fraternity and yes I say young man as this seems to be the norm more than in the past they often ask what they should wear when they show up for their first degree.  I always respond “business attire” or jacket and tie are nice.  If you don’t have such a shirt and tie please.
Why a dress code?
Well it’s good to put on your “Mason Suit”.  A “Mason Suit” is your uniform for Freemasonry.  You don’t have to think when lodge comes up just put on your “Mason Suit”.  
Now the Black Suit is very versatile and can rise to any occasion.  When worn with white shirt and black tie or masonic tie of choice you fit in fine at your stated meeting or on the sidelines during a degree.   If tuxedo is your lodge thing throw on a tux shirt and bow-tie and viola you have a tux.  Trust me nobody will notice.  If they do tell them it’s all the range in Europe.
Now this is where your “Mason Suit” becomes the armor of a Super Hero.  If you change your lapel pin and tie you suddenly are equipped to attend lets say Scottish Rite.  If your tie is Red WOW you are now in a York Rite Chapter Mode or Purple you’re in Council or Black Once again and “Tadda” your in Commandery.
For those unfortunate times in Masonry you are ready for a funeral to say goodbye to a Brother and with the addition of a colored waistcoat you are the life of a Festive Board.
Uniformity in Dress is important in Freemasonry (my opinion) but the appearance adds to the leveling effect and the conformity adds to the solemnity of the occasion.
Oh yeah if you travel overseas or around the country one outfit or your “Mason Suit” makes the travel-on a heck of a lot lighter.
A new Mason has plenty to spend money on in initiation fees and dues and hopefully a starter library.  The last thing he should freak about is how to dress.
Average black suit with shirt and tie at a well known department store costs...
$200.00 suit
$024.99 shirt
$012.99 tie
That’s it.