31 October 2014

How do I know if I did my job?

I had a conversation with a newer Brother the other day. We talked about many things. We talked about all the things we could do in freemasonry. All the things you could join all the hats you could collect all the jobs you could do and all the places and people you could visit and meet. I guess the question came up with how do you know if you've done right? How do I know if I've done my job. I've been a mason almost 17 years now and have all kinds of titles and have had all kinds of jobs. I thought a minute and took off my 33 degree ring. I have a couple but I usually wear this one. It's the basic one as described in the statutes of the Supreme Council. It's just three bands with no device on it with the obligatory Latin on the inside. A few of my friends have the same design and it's simplicity reminds me of the lessons of that degree and without divulging some secret the simple lessons are service. You are starting over you have arrived where you have started and keep up the good work. So how do I measure if I've done my job. Well the answer to that then became simple if the guy sitting next to me I mentor and teach and learn from myself gets to wear a ring like this some day. Then I did my job. I did it right. That's all S&F, JL

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