22 September 2009

The Setting Maul

Congrats to my irreverent Brethren on their popular comedy podcast. It was only about an hour long or so and I finally heard a whole show for the first time in a long time.. :)

That's all.



17 September 2009

My Thoughts on Lost Symbol "WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS"...

The book is a fun read. It's not some intellectual masterpiece. It's a story. The book reads like a screen play. You can see Tom Hanks in your head running from place to place with his familiar facial expressions.

I have to say though strangely the ending came early. Even my friend Chris Hodapp mentioned on his blog about how it comes 35 pages before the end of the book. I do have to say though that the themes of Freemasonry and what it stands for and the thoughts, desires and ideas of our Founding Fathers that Mr. Brown weaves together are really quite good. It's in the very end of the book, and it's like the Character Robert Langdon's moment where there is this flash of light when you get knocked off your horse so to speak and you go "wow" or "huh, why didn't I think of that?"

I'm talking about the conversations in the Epilogue inside the Rotunda.

I had no idea there words inscribed on top of the Washington Monument BTW and I had no idea these were words right out of our 30th Degree. That was neat.

The Lost Symbol as told by Dan Brown leads me to believe that there is something in the fact that Washington was purpose built. Masonry resonates throughout the city. I haven't been since the Supreme Councils Joint Sessions in August of 2007 but I need to go back and look more closely. I need to look through and not at. I need to turn on my minds eye the one that opens up when one is hoodwinked in Masonic Ritual. If my senses are opened I ought better see. I'm not talking about flying or time travel or anything like that but being "in" what I'm in. Funny that Dan Brown's book had to tell me that. Well Freemasonry is a learning experience isn't it. A life long learning experience.

The bad guy the angel of death as he styles himself in one of his disguises is one bad messed up dude. Really bad. Nice job on that one.

I'm excited for the House of the Temple although they are going to have people crawling all over the altar looking for dried blood and shards of glass. If they start charging for tours which they should cause they are going to need the staff they may well be able to renovate that ole beauty just as Rosslyn Chapel has enjoyed its share in the Dan Brown effect.

I'm excited as we should all be. Masonry was portrayed very well in fact when the thought of Masonic Exposes getting out to the public and those exposes being seen entirely out of context and the negative reaction that could come out had to be protected by our hero Langdon, I smiled. Wow we're the good guys. Finally.

Just think the "Freemasons Keepers of the Republic".. and no you can't use that it's mine.. LOL

Well I have to go to work. I will post more as my thoughts congeal.

That all, for now...



So I finished The Lost Symbol and here is what I posted to our local Groups...

Yesterday afternoon I finished Dan Brown's book. I will not spoil it for anybody who hasn't had a chance to start or finish the book. The book was overall favorable and I was pleasantly surprised. The book takes place in Washington D.C. and not Utah. Sorry guys. The ritual that is "exposed" in the book is a hodgepodge of ritual and nothing we haven't seen on the Discovery Channel or History Channel already. I really like the end of the book and the themes that will be all woven together for you as you read are really cool.

So don't worry, have fun and read up.


John Liley RWSGW
PR Chairman

PS Be prepared this book is going to spark interest....

11 September 2009

Freemasonry, Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol...

Dear Brethren and Masonic Family,

Tuesday September 15 2009 which BTW is 09/15/09 = 33

is the release date of Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol". There has been much the media buzz as many of you know with Mr. Brown and his publishers teasing us all summer.

Freemasonry and maybe I say maybe the Scottish Rite in general play some part in this book. Media inquiries have already started and some of you may have seen the first interview given to our local FOX 13 affiliate last night by the Grand Lodge PR Chairman.


The Grand Lodge would ask that any media inquires be directed to the Grand Lodge office at 8013632936 where the PR Committee has a group of individuals to respond to such questions.

The truth is none of us know what is in Dan Brown's book till Tuesday. We in our everyday lives are the true representations of the Masonic Family and if need be we will answer any misconceptions that may arise after Tuesday.

This link has been set up jointly by The Masonic Society and The George Washington Masonic Memorial. I find it useful.


Hopefully this can help with some of the misinformation that is bound to appear.

The buzz around this book has been crazy with an unheard of 6.5 million first run copies being printed by Doubleday.

The DaVinci code which did not have Freemasonry as the central part of the story started enough excitement so many years ago. The cottage industry that was spawned off Mr. Brown's book has grown exponentially.

Remember after the DaVinci Code was released and National Treasure premiered Wasatch Lodge held an open house where reportedly 600 people showed up out of no where with little advertising. Rosslyn Chapel central in the DaVinci code book used to have about 30,000 visitors annually. When I was there 2 years ago I asked the lady how many people came through and she said that that day they were a little busy at nearly 3,000 people.

The nearly 600 year old Chapel is now able to renovate itself. Are you listening Ridge? wink wink.

Anyway again all press inquiries please through the Grand Lodge office 8013632936. We hope to see you at Peach Days in Brigham City tomorrow and who knows what Tuesday will bring.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

John Liley RWSGW
PR Chairman
MW Grand Lodge of Utah


02 September 2009

A Good Feeling..

Last night I had the opportunity to see Freemasonry in many ways. The night started out at our Salt Lake City Freemasons Meet-up in the Chili's on 4th South in downtown Salt Lake City. We had a great turnout. We had to continually add to the table by pulling more tables over. By the time I left around 7.00pm the tables stretched nearly 20 feet. The mix of Masons and non-Masons alike was wonderful to see. All sorts of conversations were going on. Two fellows were filling out their petitions. One fellow was being investigated, another showed up again after being absent some 6 months. A Brother just popped in after being in Turkey all Summer. The energy was great. The feeling was great. Freemasonry lives.

Later at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City in my capacity as a Grand Lodge Officer I had the opportunity to visit Argenta Lodge No. 3 at the lodge's Regular Stated September Meeting. Also the opportunity was made to poke my head into Kaibab Lodge No. 25 before they started and visit with those fellows briefly and then to stop by upstairs and say hello to my Prince Hall Brethren of High Marine Lodge PHA before the gavels all fell at 7.30pm.

The meetings seemed all well attended even though it being Summers end. The educational at Argenta got the brain going.

I had a good feeling as I sat their all dressed in my Grand Lodge digs. A good feeling. Sometimes in Grand Lodge you just don't get "that" but last night it was there..

That's All.